I remember my 8th grade homeroom teacher, Mrs. Mostoller, saying once: "You know, I really do believe that William sees things differently from other people.. kinda like psychedelic or something.."

I didn't really know what to make of that comment at the time. But I distinctly remember that I had just pointed out to her and a couple of others at a dinner that the light reflecting and refracting in a glass of water at the table was really cool.

I just started finding out, in 2016, how something that I've always kind of done in everyday life is manifesting itself in my work. I've started to trust it and myself a lot more, and to be unashamed of it. Now, I'm showing my friends how things look through my eyes, and it's a very special and humbling thing to be received so warmly.


Thank you to everyone going on the journey with me as I grow and learn.