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This past week has been a whirlwind :)  We drove up the west coast from San Francisco to Oregon and saw the total eclipse, and then a week later drove out to Yosemite National Park for a couple of days in nature :)  There are new additions to the Stars, Nature, Wildlife albums.  Also there's a new Macro album that I'm going to be expanding with my new 300mm macro lens!  Tiny adventures to come..


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New design and new logo https://www.williammcdaniels.com/blog/2017/7/new-design-and-new-logo Hey everyone, I've made some slight tweaks to the site.  Once I got a new logo ordered from "PhotoLogo", I decided that the site needed to match its elegance and fluidity a little better!  Hopefully, this design has an easier flow to it while putting you right into the middle of my imagination.  Thanks for stopping by, as always!

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Iceland and Cuba - latent post https://www.williammcdaniels.com/blog/2017/7/iceland-and-cuba---latent-post Whew, it's been a whirlwind year so far!  With all of the planning for the wedding in April (spoiler alert, we got hitched!), I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, hahaha.  So even though I uploaded the photos to their respective albums, I haven't gotten the chance to post anything here about them.


So as a very late update:  There are two new albums for Iceland and Cuba here.


In Iceland, I got the chance to revisit some of my favorite locations (Reyjyavik, Vik, Jokulsarlon the glacier lagoon, and various stretches of countryside along the way).  We spent 3.5 days there, and absorbed as much of it as we could given the weather (snow + overcast) and brief timespan.


In Cuba, we spent our honeymoon over the course of a week travelling through Havana, Trinidad, and Remedios.  We stayed with locals in AirBnBs and took almost every form of transportation that they had to offer.  It was fairly hot in late April, but we made sure to hydrate and stay out of the sun during peak times.  We met some of the nicest genuine people, ever, and will look forward to going back again in the future (as long as the borders stay open!).


Thanks for dropping by, and I hope that you enjoy the photographic journey. Classic car turns down old street in HavanaHere, an old American car turns down a street filled with old architecture and bustling tourists/locals

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New Zealand!! https://www.williammcdaniels.com/blog/2016/11/new-zealand Just returned from a week in New Zealand with layovers on both sides in Sydney, Australia.  We spent the first full day and part of the second day in Auckland and Weiheke Island.  We then flew to Christchurch and drove down the countryside to Queenstown via Lake Tekapo, Lake Wanaka, Mount Cook, Omarama, and the Clay Cliffs.  We spent a day there and then drove over to Dunedin, crossing central Otago and exploring Otago Peninsula.  After an evening in Dunedin, we returned to Auckland and drove down to Waitomo before finally flying back to Sydney and the US.


It was an insanely beautiful experience, with the most stunning views starting after we crossed the Canterbury plains on the way from Christchurch down to Queenstown.  It was overcast off and on, but we still managed to get great weather and gorgeous landscape/sky.  Unfortunately, the skies were not clear enough to catch any of the southern lights this trip.. next time!!!

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Labor Day Weekend in New York and Vermont! https://www.williammcdaniels.com/blog/2016/9/labor-day-weekend-in-new-york-and-vermont Hey everyone :)  Evita and I are freshly back from our trip to New York and Vermont this past weekend.  We visited NY briefly for a wedding, and then drove up the countryside to Vermont for the remainder of the weekend.  We passed through Bennington, Burlington, Waterbury, Danby, Montpelier, Manchester, Rutland, and more on our journey.  Sunday and Monday were the golden days for photography, and I was determined to catch as much of Vermont's keystones as possible in a short time.

Check out the "Series - Vermont" portfolio gallery for the shots that I was able to capture.  There are a few hiding in others, but this is the bulk of them.  Enjoy!

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Humble beginnings https://www.williammcdaniels.com/blog/2016/8/humble-beginnings After about 8 years away from photography (I was still just a beginner), I have finally reunited myself with a real camera.  I've survived, barely limping along, for all of the interim years with a decent enough camera on my phone.  I would have picked up sooner, but I dated a photographer during some of those years and didn't want to tread on her realm too much.  I was glad to take a backseat for a while, and knew that I would eventually come back, full force, to my love of capturing.


I attempted to resume this journey 2 years ago, when I was about to travel to Iceland for the first time.  Unfortunately, my newly purchased DSLR was lost on the way to the airport in DC.  I was deeply saddened by the loss of the opportunity to capture all of Iceland's majestic and vast beauty, properly.  I am still, to this day, saddened when I look back on the pictures that I did manage to get on my phone.  Even though they are fantastic, they do not even measure to the quality that I would have been able to achieve with a proper camera.


So, fast forwarding to the now, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay area in April 2015.  Since being here, I have been in constant awe of my surroundings.  I look around me almost 24/7 for new things to see and appreciate.  I have travelled to a few other countries and states, since then and shortly before.  I am starting to stack up the number of beautiful captures that I have been missing out on, all this time.


I finally re-purchased a DSLR about 2 months ago, and I've been on a non-stop shooting spree since then.  I'm determined to make up for lost time, and to develop my hobby, further, into a professional-grade craft.  It excites me to be able to capture exactly what I see, and sometimes what I don't see (things that only a lens can capture), and to save that for myself.  Now, I'm sharing some of that with you.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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